torstai 17. toukokuuta 2012


Olli Pekka Valter Onnela

Personal Details: 

E-mail: olli.onnela(at)
Born July 21st, 1995 in Espoo, Finland.


2011                Espoon Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School

2008-2011        Kirkkoharju Upper Comprehensive School 

2002-2008        Kantvik Lower Comprehensive School

Work experience:

4.4.2010 - 11.4.2010             Period of work experience -   Varubodenin rautakeskus
                                Tasks: Helping workers, cleaning, helping customers.

4.4.2011 - 11.4.2011            Period of work experience - Suomen Sokeri's kitchen
                              Tasks: Making food, helping kitchen workers, cleaning. 

Language skills:

Finnish oral / written          Mother tongue

English oral                         Good
English written                    Good

Swedish oral                        Satisfactory
Swedish written                   Satisfactory

Computer Skills:
Better than average: I know how to use photo- and video editing softwares. I also know how to use social media ( like Facebook, Twitter ). 
Other things I can do well: Use Word, Powerpoint, Blogs, Look for information. 


I have gained two "Best friend" -Stipend in school. And I have also gained "Smileboy Statue" for being best friend to your friends at lower comprehensive school.